Connect with your body!


Remove blocks in the flow of energy within and around you. Yoga is Union.

  • Drop in yoga $10 USD.
  • Three sessions daily      7:30 am    11 am      5:30pm
  • Yoga and Amazing Vegan Lunch only $25 USD!
  • book a private yoga session for a time that suits your schedule, $20 USD per person

Kundalini Yoga

  • totally different
  • Kundalini Kriyas are fun active practices
  • as much challenge as you want
  • mantra, movement, and breath are used together to produce a deep personal experience
  • Kundalini Yoga clears the path of manifestation
  • creates a positive, powerful, personal projection
  • makes one Healthy, Happy and Holy

Hatha Yoga

  • familiar yoga poses (a practice based on asanas)
  • your level is assessed as the session progresses
  • supports are provided as needed
  • all levels are welcome at any class

These two yoga styles create a harmony of strength and alignment, bringing the glandular systems into balance, invigorating the lymphatics, expanding the lung capacity, and enhancing the function of the nervous system.

Yoga sessions at the ashram are guided by qualified teachers who are excited to share this experience with you!

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