The Traveler

  • Foot Reflexology $20 usd
  •  complete mind/body treatment 
  • 30 minutes
  • affecting all the systems of the body through the feet or hands
  • clear and balance the energetic fields of the body
  • blissful feeling of floating and release from physical and emotional tension

Soul Seeker

  • 90 minute intuitive session $60 usd
  • full body reflexology and massage
  • includes sound healing with mantra, singing bowls and didgereedoo

Nimmoe Codes

  • 90 minutes, $60 usd
  • deep tissue reflexology system for the whole body
  • Releases tension to activate your own healing power

Journey Together

  • Couples Massage
  • 60 minutes, $80 usd
  • combining sound, intuitive healing, and reflexology 

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