There's a variety of fun and unusual things to do at Chai Garden Ashram: Click a link to learn more.

Day Trips

Rio On Pools

  • cook-out and Kirtan deep in the Pine Ridge
  • 75 usd/person, minimum 2 people
  • swim, cook amazing vegan food over the fire
  • chant and drum under the stars
  • add a stop at Big Rock Falls for additional 20 usd/person

Yoga at the Ruins

  • Xunantunich or Cahal Pech
  • 150 usd for up to 2 people
  • 25 usd for each additional person
  • includes complementary Kombucha
  • does not include transport
  • must be booked one week in advance

Sound Healing

Gong Bath

Let the sound of the gong permeate your consciousness. Resonate and vibrate body and soul through this incredible journey of transformation and energetic clearing. $10 usd /person      

 6 pm  approximately 20 minutes

Sound Healing Session

Private intuitive healing session involving didgereedoo, singing bowls and mantra directly applied to the body. This session also includes reflexology, an ancient healing system based on acupressure points which can be applied to any condition of tension or illness.

Kombucha Tasting

Taste the Jungle!

“This is the best kombucha I have ever tasted!”                  –everyone

  • try a shot of all our incredible flavours!
  • 10 usd/person
  •  jungle alchemy with roots, bark and leaves
  • get all your questions answered about this powerful and delicious pro-biotic cultured Divine Tea
  • on site brewing
  • detoxifying
  • naturally packed with B vitamins-

Vegan Cooking Experience

Join in making a great vegan meal with expert vegan cooks. Laine and Evan will guide you in awesome techniques that you can carry home and use every day. Get a taste of our Kombucha, cultured right here at the ashram. Next, you will be introduced to some of the vegan superfoods of Belize, and learn how they are used in the spontaneous and delicious fusion recipes that are featured at the ashram every day. Then sit down with the community at the ashram to enjoy the fruits of your labour. We keep it vegan, local, organic, and fresh. Our beautiful outdoor kitchen awaits you.

Intuitive Card Reading

  • choose from a variety of divinatory decks
  • gain insight for the past. present and future
  • get spiritually based counselling on life issues from a yogic perspective 
  • includes our home made Chai Tea or Golden Tea
  • 20 usd/person


Jungle Stencils

  • Create a colorful impression of jungle leaves in this fun experience
  • using actual jungle leaves and spraypaint
  •  take the jungle home as tapestry
  • washable cotton, 6 x 3 ft

Voice in the Body

“the secrets of mantra revealed”

  • explore your voice with simple techniques and mantra
  •  get in touch with the resonance of your voice in your body
  • learn the secrets of the effective use of mantra for meditation and manifestation
  •  learn how to change your consciousness and clear your energy using your voice
  • from beginners to advanced 

Herbal Infusion Jungle Bath

With herbs from the ashram grounds, we will create an infusion especially tailored for you from roots, bark and leaves native to the jungles of Belize.  A hot soak in the seclusion of our lush open air orchid garden, featuring special combinations of herbs to sooth and relieve skin, relax sore muscles, or address personal health concerns.


Remember your visit to the yoga ashram with the decorative ancient Indian art of Mehendi!

  • get a beautifully detailed henna tatoo
  • traditionally done on the foot or hand, but we can place it on the shoulder as well
  • this artwork lasts about 5 or 6 days, and darkens in the first 2 days
  • mehendi may not be visible on very dark skin
  • comes with Chai Tea, Golden Tea or Kombucha
  • 20 usd per application

Ashram Herb Walk

Take a walk with us through the ashram grounds. We will identify and describe the practical medicinal use of up to 20 herbs of Belize that are used at the ashram on a regular basis. We are excited to give you a glimpse of the healing herbs right under your feet!

  • 50 usd for 2 people, additional friends 10 usd/person
  • includes Kombucha, Chai Tea, or Golden Tea.                                    (a Turmeric infusion laced with chai spices)

Kirtan: A Conversation with God

Join us on Saturday night for our free potluck and Kirtan!

This is a yoga party!

  • drum, chant mantra, and generally join in with our spontaneous electro-acoustic jam
  • everyone is welcome
  • you don’t need to be a musician to have fun making music with us
  • easy to learn chants from various yoga traditions
  • learn to sing with the seed sounds that resonate with mantric streams of consciousness
  • free up yourself
  • delicious vegan food to follow
  • 6 to 9 pm
  • bring a vegan dish or make a donation
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