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This is a personal invitation from Evan and Laine to join us under the big thatch by the waterfall in Cristo Rey, Cayo District, at Belize's only residential ashram for rejuvenating yoga classes, world class healing  massage, stimulating self development workshops, karma yoga, meditation and more. Come share the experience of Spiritual Integration, a genuine connection with your Self.

NATURAL BEAUTY           This ancient watershed, accentuated by the waterfall, is unique in the Cristo Rey area of Belize, being central to conservation and preservation of wildlife around the ashram.  This spring fed, natural waterfall cascades  down limestone formations, creating a highly ionized local environment. The energy of the living water produces  an uplifting, revitalizing atmosphere, perfect to enhance yoga practice and healing massage.  This waterfall highlights the natural beauty of Belize.

MAKE ME ONE WITH EVERYTHING        Join us in the jungle by the waterfall for fun, challenging yoga under our big thatch roof. Chai Garden Ashram is known for incredible vegan food, world class massage, and our famous ashram Jungle Kombucha! Keep scrolling to check out the whole spectrum of amazing offerings at the ashram, from music, to healing arts and visual art workshops. We invite all levels of participation, and have something for everyone who desires genuine experiences that bring real connection with Self. SAT NAM (True Reality)

Morning at the ashram offers a time to enjoy the peaceful vibration of the jungle on our  canopy level yoga deck, under the cool breezy thatch surrounded by birds and the sound of the waterfall.

  • join us for the Morning Yoga and Meditation session at 7:30 am  
  • Chai Tea or Golden Tea is offered at 9:30 am, served with fresh seasonal  fruits of Belize, 10 USD
  • get in the waterfall! 
  • we are happy to provide towels and a place to change 
  • more yoga at 11 am!
  • fun and challenging
  • open to all levels
  • our yoga practices often include both Kundalini and Hatha Yoga styles in the same session
  • everyone at the Ashram is expected to join in at least one yoga session per day
  • gain strength and flexibility
  • relax your mind
  • get in touch with yourself in a beautiful environment entirely created to support and deepen your yoga practice
  • drop in 10 USD

 Amazing Vegan Lunch!

  • every afternoon 
  • our main meal of the day
  • local
  • market fresh
  • seasonal
  • includes our famous Om Brewed Kombucha!
  • 12 USD
  • call +501 670 9642 to make a reservation

Time to explore the waterfall and jungle trails, or take advantage of some of the other unique Experiences we offer! Keep on scrolling down to find out more about our transformative activities and workshops, and one-of-a-kind Day Trips in supernatural Belize.

An absolutely magical time at the Yoga Ashram.                                                 

Evening magnifies the sound of the waterfall as the fabric of jungle noises rises to meet the dusk. This is the optimal time for a Gong Bath or a Hydrotherapy Bath, soaking in the jungle alchemy through all your senses.

A light meal of salad or fruit is offered. 

Chant Mantra and Drum with us at our Saturday night Kirtan!

Chai Garden Ashram is 420 positive.

Transformational Experiences

The Ashram has much to offer those who are looking for unique inspiration off the beaten path.   Join us in the process of personal transformation through yogic practices, music, nature and art. Lift your spirit and relax your mind in the Belize jungle by the waterfall on our jungle canopy yoga deck, under the shelter of our beautiful Bay Leaf thatch roof.                                 

You are welcome to come and hang out anytime. Drop in and get a free sample of our Kombucha!


                              Connect with your body!                      Remove blocks in the flow of energy within and around you. Yoga is Union.

  • Drop in yoga 10 USD.
  • Three sessions daily      7:30 am    11 am      5:30pm
  • Yoga and Amazing Vegan Lunch only 25 USD!
  • book a private yoga session for a time that suits your schedule, 20 USD per person

Kundalini Yoga

  • totally different
  • Kundalini Kriyas are fun active practices
  • as much challenge as you want
  • mantra, movement, and breath are used together to produce a deep personal experience
  • Kundalini Yoga clears the path of manifestation
  • creates a positive, powerful, personal projection
  • makes one Healthy, Happy and Holy

Hatha Yoga

  • familiar yoga poses (a practice based on asanas)
  • your level is assessed as the session progresses
  • supports are provided as needed
  • all levels are welcome at any class

These two yoga styles create a harmony of strength and alignment, bringing the glandular systems into balance, invigorating the lymphatics, expanding the lung capacity, and enhancing the function of the nervous system.

Yoga sessions at the ashram are guided by qualified teachers who are excited to share this experience with you!


The Traveler

  • Foot Reflexology 20 usd
  •  complete mind/body treatment 
  • 30 minutes
  • affecting all the systems of the body through the feet or hands
  • clear and balance the energetic fields of the body
  • blissful feeling of floating and release from physical and emotional tension

Soul Seeker

  • 90 minute intuitive session 60 usd
  • full body reflexology and massage
  • includes sound healing with mantra, singing bowls and didgereedoo

Nimoe Codes

  • 90 minutes, 60 usd
  • deep tissue reflexology system for the whole body
  • Releases tension to activate your own healing power

Journey Together

  • Couples Massage
  • 60 minutes, 80 usd
  • combining sound, intuitive healing, and reflexology 

Day Trips

Rio On Pools

  • cook-out and Kirtan deep in the Pine Ridge
  • 75 usd/person, minimum 2 people
  • swim, cook amazing vegan food over the fire
  • chant and drum under the stars
  • add a stop at Big Rock Falls for additional 20 usd/person

Yoga at the Ruins

  • Xunantunich or Cahal Pech
  • 150 usd for up to 2 people
  • 25 usd for each additional person
  • includes complementary Kombucha
  • does not include transport
  • must be booked one week in advance

Sound Healing

Gong Bath

Let the sound of the gong permeate your consciousness. Resonate and vibrate body and soul through this incredible journey of transformation and energetic clearing. $10 usd /person      

 6 pm  approximately 20 minutes

Sound Healing Session

Private intuitive healing session involving didgereedoo, singing bowls and mantra directly applied to the body. This session also includes reflexology, an ancient healing system based on acupressure points which can be applied to any condition of tension or illness.

Kombucha Tasting

Taste the Jungle!

“This is the best kombucha I have ever tasted!”                  –everyone

  • try a shot of all our incredible flavours!
  • 10 usd/person
  •  jungle alchemy with roots, bark and leaves
  • get all your questions answered about this powerful and delicious pro-biotic cultured Divine Tea
  • on site brewing
  • detoxifying
  • naturally packed with B vitamins-

Vegan Cooking Experience

Join in making a great vegan meal with expert vegan cooks. Laine and Evan will guide you in awesome techniques that you can carry home and use every day. Get a taste of our Kombucha, cultured right here at the ashram. Next, you will be introduced to some of the vegan superfoods of Belize, and learn how they are used in the spontaneous and delicious fusion recipes that are featured at the ashram every day. Then sit down with the community at the ashram to enjoy the fruits of your labour. We keep it vegan, local, organic, and fresh. Our beautiful outdoor kitchen awaits you.


Jungle Stencils

  • Create a colorful impression of jungle leaves in this fun experience
  • using actual jungle leaves and spraypaint
  •  take the jungle home as tapestry
  • washable cotton, 6 x 3 ft

Voice in the Body

“the secrets of mantra revealed”

  • explore your voice with simple techniques and mantra
  •  get in touch with the resonance of your voice in your body
  • learn the secrets of the effective use of mantra for meditation and manifestation
  •  learn how to change your consciousness and clear your energy using your voice
  • from beginners to advanced 

Intuitive Card Reading

  • choose from a variety of divinatory decks
  • gain insight for the past. present and future
  • get spiritually based counselling on life issues from a yogic perspective 
  • includes our home made Chai Tea or Golden Tea
  • 20 usd/person


Remember your visit to the yoga ashram with the decorative ancient Indian art of Mehendi!

  • get a beautifully detailed henna tatoo
  • traditionally done on the foot or hand, but we can place it on the shoulder as well
  • this artwork lasts about 5 or 6 days, and darkens in the first 2 days
  • mehendi may not be visible on very dark skin
  • comes with Chai Tea, Golden Tea or Kombucha
  • 20 usd per application

Ashram Herb Walk

Take a walk with us through the ashram grounds. We will identify and describe the practical medicinal use of up to 20 herbs of Belize that are used at the ashram on a regular basis. We are excited to give you a glimpse of the healing herbs right under your feet!

  • 50 usd for 2 people, additional friends 10 usd/person
  • includes Kombucha, Chai Tea, or Golden Tea.  (a Turmeric infusion laced with chai spices)

Kirtan: A Conversation with God

Join us on Saturday night for our free potluck and Kirtan!

This is a yoga party!

  • drum, chant mantra, and generally join in with our spontaneous electro-acoustic jam
  • everyone is welcome
  • you don’t need to be a musician to have fun making music with us
  • easy to learn chants from various yoga traditions
  • learn to sing with the seed sounds that resonate with mantric streams of consciousness
  • free up yourself
  • delicious vegan food to follow
  • 6 to 9 pm
  • bring a vegan dish or make a donation

Herbal Infusion Jungle Bath

With herbs from the ashram grounds, we will create an infusion especially tailored for you from roots, bark and leaves native to the jungles of Belize.  A hot soak in the seclusion of our lush open air orchid garden, featuring special combinations of herbs to sooth and relieve skin, relax sore muscles, or address personal health concerns.

--Eternal Sun Festival-- February 2020

Conscious Dance Culture is our 2020 Vision! Join us in the jungle by the waterfall for Yoga, Dj’s, vegan food, art, workshops, discussions, meditation and chanting. Free Camping, and the price is all inclusive! Once you arrive, you have everything you need including your One Bowl. This intimate little dance and yoga fest has ☆ zero garbage ☆ fabulous local and international dj’s ☆ 24 hour access to on site waterfall and natural spring fed swimming hole ☆ excellent people ☆ 420 positive environment ☆ on site kombucha brewing ☆ jungle alchemy 

Our festival is ♡ alcohol free (no drinking) ♡ child friendly ♡ cigarette free ♡ dog free Three fun days full of uplifting vibes and spiritual sounds and activities! Contact us for tickets, volunteer opportunities, or to contribute as an audio or visual artist. Stay tuned for updates as we confirm our line up of speakers, artists, Dj’s and workshops! 

Maroon Creole Drum Party

We know about your hectic schedule. We also know the only way you truly understand a subject is by practicing it in a real environment. This is why we’ve set a playground area that’s full of hours of exercises, questions and challenges. It even has a gaming section. 

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