Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient metaphysical science of the body, mind and spirit.

In India, the home of yoga, Kundalini is sometimes called the mother of yoga, as all yoga came from it and it is also known as the yoga of awareness. It teaches that the birthright of every human is to be healthy, happy and holy, and gives the techniques to make that possible. This practice will open up these possibilities for each individual, making it possible to experience for yourself, your highest potential and infinite awareness. Claim bliss as your human birthright.


Vinyassa Flow

This is a nicely challenging practice in which you are encouraged to do your best. A solid 90 minutes of vinyassa flow is broken up by shivassanas at the conclusion of each set. Thus, even as the practice heats up your body, there is an inward meditative thread that lengthens and strengthens with each short shivassana. Beginning with a series of standing poses, the practice invigorates the blood, bringing up the heart rate and compressing and extending your whole body.

We take a short shivassana for several minutes before commencing the floor poses which make up the second half of the practice. There is a focus throughout the practice on the alignment of your body in terms of posture, especially in the development of mountain pose which is the resting pose taken between the standing sets. This is a yoga style that promotes real results in terms of strength and flexibility, particularly of the spine, lower back, and sacrum. It is a fun, lively practice in which you have the opportunity to absorb the benefits of each set even if your intention is the strongest part of your pose!

Class drop in fee is 10 USD.

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