Yoga is offered daily at 10 am in the open air palapa atop the ashram. The lofty roof of hardwood poles and bay leaf thatch is like an open umbrella above. Completely natural and fractal, this beautiful airy space is perfect for the bliss expansion of your aura. We practice Kundalini Yoga and meditations according to the teachings of Yogi Bajan who brought this style of yoga to the West.

Kundalini Yoga is a direct access to bliss through the activation of the body. You will take yourself on an inner trip. Whatever you most desire will be complete within you according to your effort and intention. We also share a Vinyassa Yoga practice. Pumping the entire body as the heart does, through repeated compression and release, this kriya is a comprehensive series of related postures designed to strengthen and heal the body with emphasis on the spine. These two yoga styles create a harmony of strength and alignment, bringing the glandular systems into balance, invigorating the lymphatics, expanding the lung capacity, and enhancing the function of the nervous system. Through yoga you will reconnect with your body, removing blocks in the flow of energy within and around you. Yoga is Union.

Class drop in fee is 10 USD.