Yoga blog 9/27/2013

Yoga blog 9/27/2013


Lots of students have been finding the Chaya Garden Ashram for yoga lately. We have been joined by Micalagh, Alex and Joel a few times. Tom has found his way back to yoga this week after being in France, and Mary continues to be a devoted yogi, joining us regularly two or three times a week. We have been doing lots of Vinyasa Flow at the request of our new students. Yesterday’s Vinyasa class put me into a deep and healing sivasana. I opened my eyes to find my students quietly and patiently waiting for my return. Boy did that ever feel great. A very complete sivasana is possible after a vigorous class like our Vinyasa Flow. When it really happens for you, there is nothing like it. The deepest, most refreshing relaxation along with a deep journey to the source of the Self.

Today we did a Kundalini practice with above mentioned star student, Mary Loan. Mary really knows how to get down and do the Kundalini practice, a practice which can be demanding in very different ways from what we might think of as “mainstream yoga”. In her sixties, Mary is one of the strongest women I have ever known.

In our practice this morning we began with a kriya for elimination, also known as Apana Exercises, this referring to the energies of the lower body. To that we added a kriya entitled Strengtheniing the Inner Light. This was a very good combination. The “inner light” practice is a short series that is meant to be repeated several times. We did two repetitions in light of the fact that we had already completed the apana set.

The first part of “inner light” is a breathing exercise. By the second round through the whole series, each breath of 12 deep inhale and exhales felt like diving into the ocean. The acute discomfort I had experienced in the second exercise, in which the right foot is drawn up to rest on the left thigh, the left foot is grasped, and the chest pulled forward toward the left foot, abated drastically in the second round. From first feeling it very much in the right ankle, it then shifted into the knee and then dissipated. I was surprised as I had not been looking forward to a second set in that position. Once again, deep breaths were drawn in through the tip of the nose while holding the posture. As we entered the meditation for the last piece of the second set of “inner light”, I experienced a feeling like a ball of energy at the base of my spine, and gentle waves of electricity rising from the base of my spine to the medula oblongata, at the base of the skull, and culminating in a feeling of pressure at my third eye. My subsequent sivasana was equally amazing. Incredible energy just kept on flowing. I stayed down a long time, enjoying the gift of my body, riding the energy deep within the cosmos of myself.

Thanks to the Primordial Master for providing me this body which is a key, a gateway, to the entirety of the universe and beyond. All this we each hold within us. Our cells, our DNA, such great gifts from the creator of all, and so few awake to experience it. May every human awaken to their infinite nature while on this earth. SAT NAM


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