Yoga Blog 17/09/2013

Today we did Massage for the Lymphatic system.  We did a late yoga, after having a nice green drink, preparing kombuchas, and making a nice mix for yoga.  The conditions were perfect; it seemed, for a very beautiful yoga class.  The rain was coming down pretty heavy (indicating we are in the rainy season) and all the plants around us were having a big drink.  My concentration was very good today for all the above reasons.  I found myself working up a good sweat.  At first the exercise we were doing reminded me of what the Tibetan yogis were doing to prepare themselves for yogic flying in the film Yogis Of Tibet. Pushing the arms straight out and them striking them against the sides.  I did it for the full 10 minutes as feeling very confident.  My meditations took on a flavor of their own.  I was thinking about how sometimes there is healing for us, or we could heal ourselves and yet we aren’t ready to.  So I was thinking “You know, you could be better if you wanted to… This is all an act… You really are Shiva!”

The chant today was Ram Ma Das Sa…Sa Say So Hung!!  I kept very centered.  Which reminds me of the mantra I was practicing in my meditation before.  It isn’t so much a mantra as a checklist…P.A.C.E… Positive…Active…Centered…Energetic… I was just making sure I was all of those while I was doing my yoga.  Well after the chant, when I pulled my root lock and held my breath, I saw something like this.



Follow that was a lot of quiet time to remain restful and aware.  To keep myself present, I imagined that I was circling like a wheel through my third eye point. feet first.  I had been working on the connection to the Sat Guru throughout my yoga today.  I think of the Sat Guru as the Thumb, Brahman as the pointer, Shiva as the middle, Vishnu as the ring and Pravati as the little finger.  I was thinking about the connection a baby has with Sat Guru, just like these Gods, through Guru’s grace.  That’s where my baby pose took me!  So from that I was able to imagine connecting feet to forehead, and just turning and staying present enough to hear Laine chanting the Long Time Sun Shine song softly.

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