Yoga blog 10/7/2013

Yoga blog 10/7/2013

Today’s Kundalini yoga practice was a kriya from Yoga for the Aquarian Age by Yogi Bajan, entitled Keep Up  Spirit. A beautifully balance practice including seated postures, standing exercises, and a couple of varied sets of alternating cat and cow postures. The most difficult exercise for me, and it seemed for everyone else, was lifting the feet off the mat in cow posture, moving the body weight to the knees, and trying to kick the buttocks with alternate heels. Even though we only attempted this for the recommended minute, it was extremely challenging.

Again, I felt the yoga most in the chest. I’m not sure if this is just my experience, or a typical feature of the kriya. We took several savasanas, “corpse pose”, a resting meditation, during the practice. By the final savasana I felt a deep release throughout my body, a kind of rushing feeling from toe to head. This powerful sensation lasted a long time. I had to break my savasana early due to the onset of an immense amount of rain, (the palapa does leak…), but even after rushing around with buckets, I was able to resume my savasana and really noticed the rushing continuing. It seemed to abate about 40 minutes later. I felt deeply relaxed.

We were joined in our practice by Mary Loan.


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