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More people than ever are checking out Belize for their vacations, adventures and romantic getaways.  But, we still have yet to see an increase in visitors to Belize that are looking for health, healing, wellness, relaxation, peace, tranquility and amazing yoga!

Our ashram is ready to serve you if you are willing to leave the beaten path, the hustle bustle, and stress behind.  Our shady, breezy and cool thatch palapa is accommodating for upwards of 30 yoga students at one time, so bring the whole gang!  And please, when you have had your yoga session, lunch and massage, hang in a hammock, wander the trails by the creek, read from our healthy body & mind reference library, or pal around with us and enjoy this simple yet elegant life we have created to appreciate the bounty that Primordial Master has set before us.

And we welcome all who are looking for communion with the Primordial Master, and that is the teacher within yourself.  We see the Primordial Master in the waterfalls, the ever changing song of the rain forest,  and the students we meet, who all have something to teach us!

That is why we have created the Chaya Garden Yoga Ashram in Belize.  It is our dream to be retired from the work a day world, to live in tune with nature, to do our yoga, self-work, and healing, to be ourselves, AND to make it fun, available, and affordable to anyone who is intrepid enough to come to our neck of the woods (Near San Ignacio, Cayo District, Belize) and try what works for us (fresh air, fresh market vegetables, vegan cooking, refreshing swims, kundalini yoga, vinyassa yoga, reflexology, chillout music, taking it easy, having a laugh, etc.)

Because let me tell you, life is great.

We hope that you will find us.  Because we are looking for you!




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