The Daily Life for those of us who teach yoga and practice healing at the Chaya Garden Ashram revolves around yoga and food. Luckily, as we are sincerely enthusiastic about these two things, we find ourselves given the opportunity to really enjoy what we do and to magnify that enjoyment by sharing these gifts with our students. Radiant living moves the mountain.

Good morning!

A big pot of our home made chai tea awakens us with the aroma of ginger and cloves drifting from smile to smile.

Wander down to the falls with your hot cup and join in as we chant a mantra to set up the vibration for a great day. As our voices mingle with the sound of the water and bounce off the amazing limestone formations we explore new dimensions of resonance within and without. Everyone is welcome.

If you need a smoothie or some fruit when you wake up, we are happy to whip up something light before yoga. Our specialty is Ginger Lime with banana. This is a raw smoothie, easy to digest, and will give you the energy you need to make it through the class without bogging you down.

The Yoga practice will be either Kundalini or Vinyassa Flow, running from 10 am ‘till noon. We accommodate any level of practitioner from absolute beginner to those who have more experience as each practice rewards any level of participation.

Brunch is served by 12:30, so you have time to jump into the waterfall after yoga, and come back to wonderful vegetarian food, lovingly prepared just for you. At Chaya Garden Ashram we bake our own bread, grow our own sprouts, and have many delightful fruits which grow right at the ashram. All the produce is farm fresh and purchased at the local market, changing according to seasonal availability. Our focus is on fresh, local, and raw, bringing you the best of Cayo twice a day.

Afternoons are dedicated to chilling out, browsing our library, relaxing in a hammock, birdwatching, butterfly watching, walking the trails along the creek, doing a workshop, or getting a massage.

We reconvene for dinner around 7:30 pm, usually including salad, entrée, natural juice and dessert. Evening meditation begins around 9pm. Everyone is welcome to join in. We sometimes do free form sound meditations using didgereedoos, drums and vocal techniques, and sometimes mudra and mantra from Yogi Bajan’s Kundalini Yoga teachings. Meditations can go from 15 minutes to half an hour, and can develop into musical jams, evening dj chill-out set, or just settling down to the abundant chorus of nature that fills the night.

If you are brave enough for a moonlight splash, we will light your way down to the falls. This is the preferred time for a skinny-dip if you are inclined, and nothing could feel better or more refreshing before turning in.