Welcome Mom!

We are excited to welcome my mother Lois and her husband Farley to the ashram for their first visit to Belize!
They are used to pretty glamorous traveling, the arctic, the islands, the mid-west; and it’s with great joy that we welcome them to our humble abode. The wonderful thing is they are letting go- and letting God; they will be enjoying the humble but hearty benefits of ashram life for the next two weeks.
It’s a good thing they will be here to help us eat our bountiful crop of avocados this year.
We have an exciting vegan bar B Q planned for the second weekend in July. Bar B Q’s are a common protocol of family togetherness in Belize, but this will only be the FIRST vegan Bar B Q we’ve planned in the 5 years we’ve been here. Lots of good dishes will be coming, with Mary and Sparkle providing some, Jamal from Roots Wraps and Smoothies providing some, and we’ll provide some as well!
Roasting potatoes with garlic and onions, wrapped in foil in the fire, pineapple skewers, grilled egg plant, casava salad and more!IMG_0108

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