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The Swami Speaks

swami robe-001 We’re working on getting the best quality Bhairava Tantra mix out there with the Swami’s blessing, and I feel like a STEWED PRUNE I’ve been soaking in the mystic bliss of Swami’s profound reading of the Vigjana Bhairava Tantra so long, I wanted it to be ready for Gurupurinam but we’ll just have to wait and see what comes out in the final mix. It will have to sound more like this, 2013’s Sri Guru Gita with Swami Shivananda Giri.

Chaya Garden and Swami Shivananda Giri Present Sri Guru Gita by Chayagarden on Mixcloud

I’m having a great time working with him.The best way to understand Swami is through his show on Blog Talk Radio, Meditative Living. Click here. We are frequent listeners. Swami is VERY interested in Belize and we’ve been having a great time doing SAT SANG over Skype. He’s as interested in Belize as we are about Yoga! Swami is always open to some Sat Sang, which is a spiritual gathering, which will be great no matter what mode or technology we are using. Only one technology we’re talking about… Yoga. Swami has been enriching us with his knowledge for some time. We feel gratitude for all the ancient TRUTH he is sharing on Yoga, and the playfulness and POWER that he brings to it. I personally love to hear him talk about ENLIGHTENMENT. http://www.meditativeliving.info/ LET US KNOW if you’d like to have SAT SANG with SWAMI SHIVANANDA GIRI in BELIZE!