4pm Saturday Kirtan Open to All


This Saturday afternoon event will be an ongoing and weekly Kirtan. A Kirtan is a musical and spiritual celebration meant to lift the spirit and refresh the heart. We will be offering both spontaneous music as well as mantra chanting. The mantra is ancient Sanskrit songs and chants which evoke our connection to the higher self, to the highest truth in each other, and to God. Mantra is a spiritual science passed down many thousands of years from teacher to teacher. It is a sonic and vibrational acupressure to help and heal the soul. As we chant the many names of God we bring out the highest truth in ourselves.
The most basic and fundamental mantra is OM. This is what is referred to as a seed sound, it is the sound of the energy of all that is. When we chant OM, we remember ourselves as part of that Unity, we tap into the source vibration and resonate with the All that is truly One.
All of existance resonates, vibrates, at different frequencies, creating solid matter, living matter, and the liquids, gasses, and electrical impulses that make up ourselves and our universe. Feel the resonance of your own body and consciousness in oneness with all that is through the experience of mantra. This is a science, not a religion, so no beliefs are attached or elicited, and Kirtan does not come into conflict with any religious beliefs.This experience is freely open to all, come to chant any time between 4and 5 pm and if you would like to stay for the potluck, please bring a vegetarian dish to share, (no eggs please!)

*NoTe:  Our Kirtan will also feature spiritually flavored EDM (Electronic Dance Music) from the 90’s to jam along with!  MMM!  Love those ethno-techno beats!

Moombahton Mix!

Moombahton Mix from Chaya Garden Ashram

Hey ya’ll.  Here is the mix of the music I like best right now, Moombahton.   The music that clocks in at 108bpm and was conceived by Dave Nada.   Nada is a sanskrit word meaning “the inner sound that vibrates without impact”.  Something about this music is more than just moving butts on the dancefloor.  Not a lot more, mostly it’s about just that, but the range of tracks getting remixed and the whole tropical vibe is really good stuff!  As EDM blows up around the world, taking trippy beats to the mainstream, the old school ravers are going to have to find remixes of their old faveorites to enjoy, along with some of the new stuff.

Well that’s what we have here.  Enjoy!