Sup With Us – Lunch at Chaya Garden Ashram


“This is the best I’ve eaten since I’ve been in Belize.” “Yeah. The food is really good.”

We really love food. And it shows!  The most common thing I’ve heard from people visiting the Ashram is “You eat like this every day?”  And that is why we live in the part of Belize most known for it’s local market.  They may produce more for export down south, but Cayo district in Belize is known for it’s local produce.

Just about every weekend we head to the market in San Ignacio and scour it for our faveorite seasonal fruits and veggies.  There are a few ‘in the know’ foodies out there we have our eyes on, seeing where the deals are and what’s hot right now.

There’s always something new to try!  It’s sad that many Belizeans are stuck with the same old beans and rice, not that I’m dissing beans and rice!  Fast food will always be popular, but it’s at the cost of our health and resources that we ignore the possibilities of natural fruits and vegetables for our meal choices.

Premium ingredients and simple recipes are the hallmarks of the food we eat.  We also like a good variety, with lots of color.    In the photo from left to right, we have plantains, casava patties, beet salad, pesto, avocados limes, and mangos, cornmeal muffins, stuffed peppers and stuffed eggplants, and bean salad. (click the photo to enlarge.)

If you would like to come and sup with at the ashram, just call ahead.  We are available for Yoga, lunch, and massage most days.

652-YOGA and 666-7361.



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