Is the yoga of service. We have limited space for volunteers, but will gladly accept helpers when we can. We expect input in the form of volunteer labor on a daily basis for volunteer daily rates. As we are a new yoga ashram we ask that a donation of $15 USD/day be made on behalf of each volunteer to assist us with the cost of food and services at the yoga ashram. Daily chores in kitchen, dorm, and grounds will be expected and requested. You may also choose from a list of jobs and projects for improving the ashram and grounds. We are open to self initiated projects that fall within the scope of the time you will spend with us. To apply, please write a short email describing your applicable talents and why you are interested in volunteering at our yoga ashram in Belize. As a volunteer, you will take your meals with the “tribe” and share in the creation and clean up of same. You will be expected to participate in yoga classes and meditations. You are welcome to tent on the grounds, crash in a hammock with mosquito net, or if there is room, you are welcome in the dorm. We value our volunteers and depend on their input to keep things running smoothly at the ashram, however, we are under no obligation, and if you are not integrating well, you may be asked to leave. Come with an open heart and mind, and an unflagging willingness to do your best, and you will be welcomed and cherished.