Evan and Laine would love to take time with you during your stay to enhance your process of personal integration with healing and massage, to ease transition, assist release of negativity from the body, and address physical and spiritual discomfort which may arise as a result of the stimulation of yoga to the systems of the body. Our goal in healing practices is to allow and enhance the unfolding journey of the soul. Working with energy points in the physical body creates a portal, a pathway, for the soul to travel. Let us help you bring your body into a realized state as a wise partner on the path to self-knowledge.


Reflexology is a complete mind/body treatment often facilitated through the feet, but may also encompass the entire body. Both hands and feet are terminal areas for the meridian lines which run through your body. Each meridian has specific attributes in terms of affected organs, senses, musculature and more. To clear and balance these energies can bring many forms of relief to the subject, including a blissful feeling of floating and release from physical and emotional tension.

Sacred Healing Massage with Laine

This experience is like nothing else you have tried, yet it is also different for each person. An intuitive mix of techniques from Swedish massage to Shiatsu connect and stimulate energy meridians in the body, alleviating stress and pain, and bringing you to a deep state of relaxation of the mind and body. There will be times during the session when you lose conscious awareness of the outside world and begin to trip through the psyche. Some say they feel as though many hands are upon them, healing, comforting and energizing. The benevolent healing powers of ancestors and spirit guides are invoked in this spiritual journey of the physical body. The meridian points are accessed as portals to other states of consciousness which often hold important information, forgiveness and acceptance. At times Laine uses vocal harmonics to access immobilized energy points, using a range of vibrations and frequencies to enhance the flow of energy in the whole body. She also uses didgereedoo to recalibrate the fundamental energy, creating a palpable vibration throughout the body which reaches the cellular level, allowing the cleansing of the cells and the stimulation of the liquid crystal which is the basis of life, by which I am referring to water, which makes up more than 80% of our bodies.

A complete session can be from 90 minutes to 2 hours, ranging from a reflexology treatment of the feet, to every part of the body including the reflex points on hands, ears, and head. We recommend a quiet cup of tea or a fresh juice while you take time to regain your bearings. This session is $60 US, $120 BZ.

Herbal Bath

Herbal baths are a custom of traditional people living in the Caribbean, that continues today through the passing on of knowledge and the proliferation and diversity of life. Relax comfortably in a herbal bath for as long as you want, in our orchid garden. This session is $25 USD.