At Chaya Garden Ashram we serve the best of the local market produce, prepared to delight the senses and nourish the body. With an emphasis on raw and vegan fare we bake our own bread and grow our own sprouts, creating a fresh palette of flavours at every meal. All your food is included in your daily fee. We serve a light breakfast of fruit, juice and smoothies until 8 am to give you a little something to go on before yoga. Our post yoga brunch fills in the corners with a more substantial fare. Dinner is served around 7:30 pm, and includes an entrée, beverage of your choice, salad, and dessert.

We serve Kombucha and natural juices as well as coffee and tea. At Chaya Garden Ashram you’ll find many of the favorite ingredients found in any good vegan kitchen; nutritional yeast, liquid aminos, (Braggs), amazing Belizean honey, Stevia, (a natural plant based zero glycemic sweetener), and all the colors and bouquets that the local market has to offer. We pride ourselves on creating amazing new dishes from unique local fruits and vegetables. We love to introduce our students to new flavours and food experiences. So much of the joy of Belize is in the freshness of the food! Get ready to taste the best that Belize has to offer with our inspired fresh cuisine.