Fast Times at San Ignacio Market


Trying our chocolate explosion! Packed full of roasted cocoa nips. Get your cake on!


Really great dress at the market, I would say this qualifies as a “do”. Do get incredible hand made cheese and a ton of other great food from Cool M farm, that’s Janet and Naomi that you can’t see in the background.


The belt pulls this eccentric outfit together, making it a “do” for market.


The beautiful Kombucha, just bursting with flavour and health benefits! Evan is the Kombucha wizard, creating with local ingredients like sorrel, beet juice, ginger, lemon grass, mango, vanilla, guava and more.


The kombucha sells itself, but we really like to promote it anyway!  We always have lots of samples!


The Chaya Garden Ashram at the San Ignacio Market! Our home made bread, cake, muffins and Evan’s amazing Kombucha, all vegan.


Congregate with our students and friends and share stories.  Laine and Saheed together.


So, what’s for dinner tonight, guys?  Mary and Sparkle seen at market, around San Ignacio, and at Chaya Garden Ashram.


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