Energetic Integration is a bliss powered experience, way, path, to change your mind and heal your body. Through all aspects of life at Chaya Garden Ashram we promote bliss and well-being. The perfect combination of elements unfolds the flower within as you become immersed in and attuned to the vibration of the life abundant around you, the yoga teaching your body to become consciously aware, the didgeridoo aligning and cleaning the energy of the cells of your body, hands on healing techniques awakening the energetic paths of your body and mind, the healing environment of negative ions created by the close proximity of the falls, the sacred nature of the spring fed cascades rolling over exotic limestone formations, excellent locally grown food, indigenous healing plants, and the incredible champagne of our Kombucha, all become part of the oneness that will become instilled within you, something that will continue to grow in you, and sustain you after you leave.

Chaya Garden Yoga Ashram is home to Belize’’s only Kombucha Bar, with new elixirs daily. We serve the best vegetarian food in Cayo, offering post –yoga brunch and wonderful dinners nightly, based on fresh local produce. Early birds can get a light breakfast until 8 am, yoga runs from 10 am ‘till noon daily.  (Private sessions are also available. For reservations, send us a message on our Contact Page )

The environment and surrounding area are filled with an overwhelming diversity of life. The grounds are home to many birds, insects and butterflies. Giant Cohune Palms rise above the canopy, giving the feeling of being surrounded by jungle. We have many medicinal and culinary native trees including Gumbo Limbo and Allspice. Chaya, a semi-wild super green native food is growing everywhere in our food forest. Chaya Garden Ashram has Avocado, Soursop, Custard Apple, Craboo, Coco Yam, Cassava, Jungle Oregano, Mint and Sage all growing on our 3.7 acres of Belize jungle waterfall paradise. The falls can be seen from the yoga palapa and the kitchen. You can breathe in the green. Splashes of bright Coleus and Impatiens light up little gardens at the base of the trees.

Feel free to drop by and take a tour of the yoga ashram. We are happy to answer questions and inquiries about healing and yoga. It is our greatest pleasure to introduce you to something new.  We gladly welcome guests from resorts around Belize to come out for a fun yoga day trip.