Chaya Health Spa in Belize

Lookin' good at the waterfalls with the healthy glow of love and light!

The healthy glow of love and light!

If you are looking for a healthy retreat, then surely this picture will speak a thousand words to you!   This is none other than our teacher and friend Laine Hoogstraten who brings the healing light at the Chaya Garden Ashram.

Laine has worked hard to get where she is today, and she has the experience and energy to keep going.  The Chaya Garden Ashram is the fruit of labor.  She is dedicated to the healing and nurturing spirit of the Ashram.  She puts her energy into it, and it’s rewarding her with health, wealth, and happiness!

Laine is living her truth in Belize, and whoever is living their truth and interested in the healing possibilities of yoga and massage, we welcome you with love!

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