Chaya Garden Ashram Yoga Retreat Center, Belize

Chaya Garden Ashram Yoga Retreat Center, Belize

Chaya Garden Ashram Yoga Retreat Center, Belize

Welcome the Chaya Garden Ashram. Here you will find the gentle teachings of yoga, and two devoted yoga teachers and practitioners, Laine and Evan; making the teachings natural and easy for you. We welcome all levels and abilities, from master to beginner. We are happy to share our practices alongside you in our humble and spacious ashram.
The practices we do come from a variety of sources. We don’t subscribe to a specific belief or practice. We welcome all beliefs, believers, and non-believers. (You don’t have to believe in yoga, you just have to try it! It works!)
An ashram is a place where spiritual growth is nurtured. We are happy to create a quiet, peaceful atmosphere for your healing and self study. Likewise, we are equally happy engaging in the work that keeps the ashram vibrant; doing healing work with new partners; getting to know new friends and hearing what is meaningful in their lives; and sharing our stories and our recipes for successful living.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Hi there, was just looking for some information from you. Do you have any availability for this month? And how long can we stay for and how much would it be. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, Jennifer.

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