Laine Hoogstraten

As we embark on the healing trip, we begin to engage the energy more and more. As the energies of the body rise to the surface consciousness we circulate and balance these energies, releasing muscle tension and relieving pain in the process.”

Laine Hoogstraten is a healer, artist, and yoga practitioner. She brings over 25 years of experience and a deep spiritual awareness to her healing work and the sharing of her yoga practice. Working with sound and light, Laine takes the initiate on the unfolding journey of the self with insight and compassion. Using intuitive healing techniques and sound vibration through didgereedoo, and many styles of overtone singing and chanting, in combination with physical body work and massage, Laine spends an intensive 90 minutes responding to each person according to their needs.

“”I have come into healing like a sponge, absorbing the knowledge of healers who I found on my way to understanding my own health and mind. I became acutely aware of myself in this context about 20 years ago, when I was in my early twenties. I am so filled with gratitude at the incredible journey from there to here, and so glad to be manifesting such a wonderful Now. I feel fully qualified to let my freak flag fly.”

Evan Anderson

Evan Anderson is an energy and light healer originally hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He expresses the union of yoga through full body reflexology and applied healing codes. Evan is a well-spring of information on hip-hop, and brings these diverse interests into the mix as a dj. Where sound and technology meet, Evan is spinning ambient chill-out nightly, integrating the jungle sounds around us with breaks and beats from around the world.
“Evan is my primary healer. Whether the dis-ease I feel is physical, mental or spiritual, Evan unlocks the energy of release through his profound and innate understanding of reflexology and healing massage. His unfailing positivity is a cornerstone at the ashram.”

An Evan Original Creation