New Herbal Bath Treatments



We are just putting the finishing touches on our new orchid garden and bath area.  As you can see, it’s our own design, that accentuates the spaciousness and simplicity of our ashram.  The Bath area is on the West side of the ashram and offers the greatest privacy.  The tub fits two comfortably, and we have already enjoyed what this great tub has to offer!

Using the natural herbs that are growing closest to the ashram,  the herbs that we are likely to need the most, we prepare a bath by bringing water to boil on the stove or fire hearth in big pots.

First we consulted with Rosita Arviga’s Rainforest Remedies and the new book that we are previewing from Susan Barnes, which is a close to complete and contains hundreds of  useful Belize herbs!  We used Gumbo Limbo, Snake Grass, Sarosi, Ix-Ka-Nan, and Avocado herbs in our bath.

The bathing area also sits some deck chairs and several beautiful orchids, shaded by some coconut palm trunks.  The surrounding area is a garden full of flowering banana plants and baby trees.

anti-flood power

water diversion tecniques: midnight flood fashion