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Who is Laine Hoogstraten?

I suppose this doesn’t really address the question, but I thought I’d post up a bio I wrote for the International Day of Yoga. It didn’t get used, but maybe that’s a good thing. ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO “Each … Continue reading

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Our greatest desire is that everyone give yoga a place in their lives

join us in this practice Most of our current practices come from this awesome manual, which we acquired with a few others in a most random fashion, you might say an Act of God. This is an original from 1978. … Continue reading

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Pride Goeth Before a Fall

How many games the ego plays. It’s a deep game with many layers. Pride as a mask for fear. Fear and pride are recognized as the domain of the ego. Two sides of the same coin. Because I’m better than … Continue reading

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God and me, me and God are one

Getting High on Kundalini Yoga No body, no ecstasy…no glands, no God. Our bodies are the multi-dimensional key to all other states, all other planes. Without this “Truth machine”, as Yogi Bhajan calls it, we are ether with no drive, … Continue reading

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Through the Eyes of a Healer


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Yoga blog 16/10/2013

Today a fearless exploration into the kundalini yoga zone! We did a set specifically for the Transformation of Sexual Energy. This is a vigorous kriya, including some fairly complex pranayama. We began with Varuyas Kriya. This is similar to a … Continue reading

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Yoga Blog 15/10/2013

Yoga Blog 15/10/2013 At the Chaya Garden Ashram in Cayo District, Belize, you will find very dedicated yogis and yoginis who will help you initiate yourself on the golden chain of teachers known as Kundalini Yoga. This process will facilitate … Continue reading

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Chaya Garden Releases Sri Guru GIta Ambient Mix With Swami Shivananda Giri

  Chaya Garden is pleased to present an important mix from our resident DJ Evan Anderson.  It is a colaboration between beatmixing yogis and shaktipat swamis that takes the ancient text Sri Guru Gita for a remix.  Imagine you are … Continue reading

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Yoga Blog 22/08/2013

  Yoga Blog 22/08/2013 On they are inviting us to chant the Guru Ram Dass mantra these 11 days leading up to Yogi Bhajan’s birthday on the 26th of August, and to share our stories of chanting this mantra. … Continue reading

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Yoga blog 8/20/2013

Yoga blog 8/20/2013 Okay, just laughed our asses off watching the worlds weirdest movie, Dinner for Schmuks. With all that hilarity pulsing through us, we did a Yogi Bajan meditation for prosperity and abundance, very simple, striking first the inside … Continue reading

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