New Herbal Bath Treatments



We are just putting the finishing touches on our new orchid garden and bath area.  As you can see, it’s our own design, that accentuates the spaciousness and simplicity of our ashram.  The Bath area is on the West side of the ashram and offers the greatest privacy.  The tub fits two comfortably, and we have already enjoyed what this great tub has to offer!

Using the natural herbs that are growing closest to the ashram,  the herbs that we are likely to need the most, we prepare a bath by bringing water to boil on the stove or fire hearth in big pots.

First we consulted with Rosita Arviga’s Rainforest Remedies and the new book that we are previewing from Susan Barnes, which is a close to complete and contains hundreds of  useful Belize herbs!  We used Gumbo Limbo, Snake Grass, Sarosi, Ix-Ka-Nan, and Avocado herbs in our bath.

The bathing area also sits some deck chairs and several beautiful orchids, shaded by some coconut palm trunks.  The surrounding area is a garden full of flowering banana plants and baby trees.

Lookin' good at the waterfalls with the healthy glow of love and light!

Chaya Health Spa in Belize

Lookin' good at the waterfalls with the healthy glow of love and light!

The healthy glow of love and light!

If you are looking for a healthy retreat, then surely this picture will speak a thousand words to you!   This is none other than our teacher and friend Laine Hoogstraten who brings the healing light at the Chaya Garden Ashram.

Laine has worked hard to get where she is today, and she has the experience and energy to keep going.  The Chaya Garden Ashram is the fruit of labor.  She is dedicated to the healing and nurturing spirit of the Ashram.  She puts her energy into it, and it’s rewarding her with health, wealth, and happiness!

Laine is living her truth in Belize, and whoever is living their truth and interested in the healing possibilities of yoga and massage, we welcome you with love!


Schedule posted

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Here is the Chaya Garden Ashram regular schedule.  If you have any questions please call 652-YOGA.

Chaya Garden Ashram offers yoga daily in San Ignacio, Belize.  Our ashram is located in one of the most wonderful settings you would ever dream of, next to a beautiful waterfall!   Come share in yoga bliss as we take you through guided kundalini meditations, vinyassa asanas, healing sound baths, energy and body work, and more.

Our dear buddy


Has written a really great blog about his pilgrimage to 88 buddhist temples.  We think you will enjoy reading it.

An interesting thing about Travis is that he got a rare skin infection in the Belize jungle, and we we’re very concerned that he might have to amputate his foot.  We healed him as best we could, but he eventually found the treatment he needed in Thailand.  We’re very proud of Travis for setting such a monumental goal in front of him so soon after his recovery.

IMG_3991 (1136 x 852)


IMG_3991 (1136 x 852)

Reflexology; or “Reflect”ology as I like to say; because the foot is a reflection of the nerves in the entire body, is a healing modality that anyone can pick up as quickly as they can pick up their own foot and start rubbing.

For someone who is interested in healing themselves and others I recommend giving this a try.  For head aches and neck pain it is preferable to pain relievers that are drugs, which cause blockage to the lymphatic system.  Reflexology will work to clear out these blockages, making it so the energy in your body can flow freely and heal the sensitive areas.

Drugs cause blockages to the lymphatic system by blocking certain nerve receptors and causing the body to release other certain chemicals to the brain.  But these blockages have to work their way out of the body.   Pain causes blockages to the lymphatic systems, in the same way.  These blockages and pain messages form uric acid crystals that can cause illness throughout the body if not removed.

These crystals end up in the feet, hands, hairline, elbows, knees, where there are a lot of nerves and not a lot of elimination.  Once there is a critical amount, the harmony of the organs are in disarray.

If you have been suffering from acute lung problems, for example, then there will be an accumulation of uric acid below the ball of the foot.  If the problem is chronic, the ball of the foot will be full of these crystals and require extensive work.

Because many of us are not sensitive to our bodies, it may be difficult to detect how the reflexology is working, or even to feel the pressure that is being applied.   Reflexology works by moving the nerves and organs in to more subtle vibrations of energy and awareness.

Reflexology can be painful if there is an area which is sore and bothered.  Generally this pain will move away after a few moments and the treatment is very relaxing.  There are very few pains in the body which cannot be addressed  soothed by a treatment of reflexology.

Eunice Ingham, the Godmother of reflexology in the West, believed that the Earth was our primary life force.  She means that our energy comes directly from the Earth, through our feet.  When there is a block in that lifeline, we experience illness.

I have experienced the healing of reflexology and the integration of energy, and I invite you to do the same at Chaya Garden Ashram.


A simple study of reflexology will reveal that there are few rules as to how to execute a proper foot rub.  Work towards the heart, especially when working with the elderly.    Don’t wear yourself out massaging someone’s foot, when they can’t feel what you are doing; because they don’t have the subtle awareness of their body.  Use of appropriate pressure is required.

Relax and Renew, Yoga, Massage, and Vegetarian Menu in Belize

“If you want to relax and unwind, delicious vegetarian meals cooked from scratch, challenging yoga taught by one of the strongest instructors I’ve ever encountered, this IS the place for you.”

Chaya Garden Ashram is a beautiful place, an absolute gem to discover.   It is the place we would love to spend the rest of our lives.  Nestled in the jungle AND close to town, anyone visiting San Ignacio, Belize who is interested in Yoga, natural healing, swimming, birds, and R&R should come for a visit.
There is nothing so refreshing as a swim in a fresh water spring when you are dripping sweat, just from spending the morning in town! One dip might be enough to keep you refreshed all day long!  But the waterfalls are right there, so we spend the whole day going into and out of the water.
After your swim, treat yourself and receive a massage from the healing hands of Laine Hoogstraten. Just this morning I was feeling like I was falling apart from the vigorous kundalini yoga class we partook at 8am. In only half an hour of massage, and a little rest afterward, I was ready to take on the world again!  Laine speaks the language of energy with your body, listening and learning about subtle energies.  It is how she earned herself the name “Laine Hand-singer”.

I know the impetuous is to go out there in Belize and see every mayan ruin you can and see as much of this amazing and vibrant country, but let me give you a word of advice; “GO SLOW!”  However you can make a day of seeing 3 different ruins in Cayo District!
We can also prepare you a vegetarian meal, with local vegetables, salads, smoothies, soups, you name it. We are well acquainted with the variety of available fruits and veggies, and know what to do with them. All to be had for a reasonable cost.
Take a little time where the healing is strong, and there are many healing places in Belize. We have found one of the best ways to incorporate natural healing into your itinerary and it’s called Chaya Garden Ashram.