Silent Meditation

Silent Meditations have become a staple at Chaya Garden Ashram. We acknowledge the power of yoga asanas, mantras, and mudras, but it is equally important to sit in silence and let the mind be free to expand and soar to new heights.

Meditating in this way was one of my first real commitments to yoga, and this is a renewal of that commitment. All that’s needed is to create some sacred space, by burning an incense, saying a few prayers of thanks to the creator for this time, and this blessing; and clearing the mind of any and all things that the mind attaches to.

The best way to utilize this technique is to do it along with someone else. This way, when you begin, and your mind is prone to wander and wind up your meditation too early, you can look over and see someone else still meditating with you. This really works because it forces you to pay attention.

I learned this technique from a friend, and we would always meditate on the patanjali sutras, the first two; “Now is the time of yoga”, and “Yoga is the cessation of the misidentifications with the modifications of the mind”. Using this technique, I’m able to quiet the mind, and the mind turns into a movie camera, projector, and screen.

Silent meditation is not just about silence, it’s about listening…. WITHIN!

Often we would meditate to great jazz, techno, downtempo and dub music. Without the mind using it’s previously known tricks of distraction and disguise, the music would sound very different, revealing new things about itself. It got to be the point where we could meditate with any music and achieve the same result.

Meditating here in silence at the ashram is even more beautiful; in correct posture, with fresh air, and the sounds and spirits of nature are delightful. The Garden is a presence here that can be felt in that silence. I’m so glad that I am doing this here now, a skill that is applicable whether you meditate in a cozy apartment or an amazing ashram.

And this is a meditation that was brought to us by our sweet friend, Sweetwater Charlie. We loved sharing silent moments, and Charlie really seemed to love and understand our Ashram. Thanks Charlie!