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Yoga Blog 24/10/2013

24/10/2013 Yoga blog   Lots of high intensity yoga going down at the ashram these days. I would say we are making a collective breakthrough into new territory with our kundalini yoga practice. Yesterday we did the Sexual Energy transformation … Continue reading

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Yoga blog 16/10/2013

Today a fearless exploration into the kundalini yoga zone! We did a set specifically for the Transformation of Sexual Energy. This is a vigorous kriya, including some fairly complex pranayama. We began with Varuyas Kriya. This is similar to a … Continue reading

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Yoga Blog 15/10/2013

Yoga Blog 15/10/2013 At the Chaya Garden Ashram in Cayo District, Belize, you will find very dedicated yogis and yoginis who will help you initiate yourself on the golden chain of teachers known as Kundalini Yoga. This process will facilitate … Continue reading

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Yoga blog 11/10/2013

Yoga blog 11/10/2013   Today we did kundalini kriyas. We have been doing a lot of Vinyasa Flow lately, and it was with great anticipation that we sat down with friend and yogi Mary Loan to get into some deep … Continue reading

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The Yoga of Wonder, Delight, and Astonishment

Vijana Bhairava Tantra is a classic yoga text that I would recommend to any serious student of yoga.  If you have often wondered about what goes on in the mind of a fully realized person during meditation, then look no further. … Continue reading

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