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Two Gentle Yoga Sets You Can Do At Home

MS floor poses MS wall and chair poses I selected these two sequences of postures for my friend Debra who has MS, after careful observation of her yoga practice at the ashram over the last two months.  These gentle yoga … Continue reading

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Yoga Blog 22/08/2013

  Yoga Blog 22/08/2013 On they are inviting us to chant the Guru Ram Dass mantra these 11 days leading up to Yogi Bhajan’s birthday on the 26th of August, and to share our stories of chanting this mantra. … Continue reading

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Yoga blog 8/20/2013

Yoga blog 8/20/2013 Okay, just laughed our asses off watching the worlds weirdest movie, Dinner for Schmuks. With all that hilarity pulsing through us, we did a Yogi Bajan meditation for prosperity and abundance, very simple, striking first the inside … Continue reading

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Facebook Page!

Sometimes it’s hard to separate what will go on our blog and what will appear on our facebook page.  We  use the facebook page to stay in touch with our students and continue to give them thought provoking material that … Continue reading

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Yoga blog 06/08/2013

Yoga blog 06/08/2013 It is evening at the ashram. A dog barks down the road. Insects chirp and sing and hum in the night air all around in the stillness after the evening meditation. From Yogi Bajan’s manual, Physical Wisdom, … Continue reading

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Jungle Medicine: In Pursuit of the Wild Yam

The first time I encountered Wild Yam was in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, receiving it through an order I placed with my “friends and neighbors organic food co-op”, an informal group of midwives and other turned-on ladies who initiated me into … Continue reading

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Yoga blog 8/2/2013

Yoga blog 8/2/2013 Another beautiful day in Belize, at Chaya Garden Ashram.  Another beautiful yoga practice. Traversing the inner landscape with Yogi Evan and our student for the past several weeks, Debra.  It has been a new experience exploring the … Continue reading

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