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Kirtan At Chaya Garden Ashram!

cover (457 x 429)Saturday 4pm, come to Chaya Garden Ashram for our exciting new Kirtan and potluck!

Every Saturday will be a feast of joy for your ears and taste buds.   We will bring you in touch with the exotic vibrations of sanskrit through the practice of mantra.  The chants are simple and we hope you will join in.  Mantras contain seed sounds that resonate with the energy of the subtle bodies, past down from yoga masters who perfected their vibrations.

A mix of the ancient and the spontaneous with live didgeridoo, drums, hula hoops and electronica-technotica!

Please bring a tasty vegetarian or vegan dish to share at our potluck, and be prepared to try some exciting flavors of our own!  Our Kirtan/Potlucks feature some incredible dishes that will inspire and delight you in the joy of vegetarian cooking.

Taxi is available to the kirtan from San Ignacio. 605-4819

Chaya Garden Ashram is located next to the falls in Cristo Rey.  As you come towards the Village down Cristo Rey road, there is a new yellow and red bus stop on the left.  Turn left, and follow the road until you see a two story palapa on the left.

Questions call 652-YOGA

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Cayo Outreach Yoga Program!

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Chaya Garden Ashram is happy to be offer an outreach initiative, Yoga in San Ignacio on Mondays at 2pm. This is a “pay what you can” by donation class, between one and two hours in length. Two dollars a head go to our gracious host, the Soul Project, so anything donated above two bucks goes to pay for our gas to come into town.Thanks to Lacy, Soul Project facilitator, for making this opportunity possible by inviting us to come. Many of our friends who have a busy life or difficulties with transportation have requested that we offer a class in Cayo.  So we hope that you will come out for the class, or if you are interested in classes in San Ignacio you will get in touch with us.  652-YOGA



The Bush Dog of Belize, Spotted at Chaya Garden Ashram

Katie Stevens’ book, “Jungle Walk”, gives some information on this wild animal unique to Mexico and Central America, called Bushdog in Belize. Here are some facts about the elusive Tayra, (Eire barbara), from Katie’s sweetly illustrated book about Belize wildlife.
These territorial creatures live in family groups. Their bodies are designed for climbing, being longer in the hind legs, and thus taller at the hip with lower shoulders. Climbing down from a tree, they will come head first, with the rear feet being curiously turned out and backward, and being assisted by their large blunt claws. The Bushdog is quick and stealthy both on land and in the river, having slightly webbed feet to facilitate swimming.
Tayras forage day and night, exploring in holes and crevices for small mammals, birds and eggs, fruit or honey, or even some carrion. Bushdogs are rarely seen as they keep to the deeper parts of the Belize jungle, preferring to avoid the habitation of humans.
When nesting, usually within a hollow log or tree lined with soft bark and leaves, they produce two to four pups which open their eyes at two weeks, and by four weeks are beginning to leave the nest to accompany the female tayra, learning to find food for themselves. They apparently have a life span of about twelve years as observed in captivity.
By my reckoning, kind of like a giant river-weasel, or maybe more like a big tree-otter…interesting mix, and quite a sight to see!

We spotted this Belize Bushdog during our afternoon yoga session at the ashram.  He may have been pushed from his territory by increased wildfires.  He must have felt that the vibes were safe for him to snack on one of our slowly growing pineapples.  This is the first bushdog we’ve seen in Belize.  Yoga had to take a backseat to snapping some pictures of him.



Schedule posted

SAT NAM!  robot-mandala

Here is the Chaya Garden Ashram regular schedule.  If you have any questions please call 652-YOGA.

Chaya Garden Ashram offers yoga daily in San Ignacio, Belize.  Our ashram is located in one of the most wonderful settings you would ever dream of, next to a beautiful waterfall!   Come share in yoga bliss as we take you through guided kundalini meditations, vinyassa asanas, healing sound baths, energy and body work, and more.


Fast Times at San Ignacio Market


Trying our chocolate explosion! Packed full of roasted cocoa nips. Get your cake on!


Really great dress at the market, I would say this qualifies as a “do”. Do get incredible hand made cheese and a ton of other great food from Cool M farm, that’s Janet and Naomi that you can’t see in the background.


The belt pulls this eccentric outfit together, making it a “do” for market.


The beautiful Kombucha, just bursting with flavour and health benefits! Evan is the Kombucha wizard, creating with local ingredients like sorrel, beet juice, ginger, lemon grass, mango, vanilla, guava and more.


The kombucha sells itself, but we really like to promote it anyway!  We always have lots of samples!


The Chaya Garden Ashram at the San Ignacio Market! Our home made bread, cake, muffins and Evan’s amazing Kombucha, all vegan.


Congregate with our students and friends and share stories.  Laine and Saheed together.


So, what’s for dinner tonight, guys?  Mary and Sparkle seen at market, around San Ignacio, and at Chaya Garden Ashram.



Sup With Us – Lunch at Chaya Garden Ashram


“This is the best I’ve eaten since I’ve been in Belize.” “Yeah. The food is really good.”

We really love food. And it shows!  The most common thing I’ve heard from people visiting the Ashram is “You eat like this every day?”  And that is why we live in the part of Belize most known for it’s local market.  They may produce more for export down south, but Cayo district in Belize is known for it’s local produce.

Just about every weekend we head to the market in San Ignacio and scour it for our faveorite seasonal fruits and veggies.  There are a few ‘in the know’ foodies out there we have our eyes on, seeing where the deals are and what’s hot right now.

There’s always something new to try!  It’s sad that many Belizeans are stuck with the same old beans and rice, not that I’m dissing beans and rice!  Fast food will always be popular, but it’s at the cost of our health and resources that we ignore the possibilities of natural fruits and vegetables for our meal choices.

Premium ingredients and simple recipes are the hallmarks of the food we eat.  We also like a good variety, with lots of color.    In the photo from left to right, we have plantains, casava patties, beet salad, pesto, avocados limes, and mangos, cornmeal muffins, stuffed peppers and stuffed eggplants, and bean salad. (click the photo to enlarge.)

If you would like to come and sup with at the ashram, just call ahead.  We are available for Yoga, lunch, and massage most days.

652-YOGA and 666-7361.



2013 Hype

Belize is known for the ruins, but  who knows just why they are left there?  It is a bit tricky finding out. What significance is there for us that the end time was predicted by the Mayan calendar that was found in Central America?  Because time marches on!

This world, where life could have been going on for more than 6,000,000,000 years…  Surely there are real reasons behind things like the Mayan calender, dooms day prophesy, pyramids, and the disaperence of the Maya, that we will never know.

But I do believe in something called story telling, and I love to hear a good story.  I’m glad to be living in an age where I can hear different stories from around the world, and to be living in a land that is a live with stories.   That’s why I would tell you that the answers are here, in Belize, to those questions difficult to answer in life!

I wouldn’t say I believe in any of this 2012 hype,  because I know.  I know that you aren’t going to believe the best evidence, the best scholarship, or the best hypothesis.  But I hope that you will want to experience our meditationsm practices and prayers because more people are waking up to a global consciousness.    That what’s going on in 2013 in Belize, it’s a resonance deep within the matrix of time, and it’s going to bring the common man and the intellectual elite together.

The most important question to ask is why?  With all the information that’s coming to you, we have to keep questioning.  And the most important answer is why not!    Because we have to be brave and look for our own answers.   Looking at the facts I am glad I came to Belize.  Even though I didn’t ascend the galatic pyramid on the 21st of December, 2012,  And I’m sure I would have if I had seen it, I’m glad to be here in Belize another year.

My Bread is Immortal:        I owe it all to Evan's Shapeshifters mix


My Bread is Immortal:        I owe it all to Evan's Shapeshifters mix

My Bread is Immortal: I owe it all to Evan’s Shapeshifters mix

just me an my bread, ready for market

just me an my bread, ready for market

feelin' good about it!

feelin’ good about it!

50% whole wheat seed bread with pepitas, (green pumpkin seeds), sesame seeds, and flax

50% whole wheat seed bread with pepitas, (green pumpkin seeds), sesame seeds, and flax

biggest bread ever

biggest bread ever, this bread weighed in at two pounds per loaf, I had to split open the bags to fit it in, using two bags taped together to wrap it up! I have never seen such massive bread, maybe it was the effect of the humidity or something? It is the same recipe I use all the time…

The Shapeshifters 2012 The Ultimate Mix

No Fail Fifty Percent Whole Wheat Bread Recipe
4 cups warm water
1/2 cup brown sugar
3 T honey
1 1/2 cup oil
mix together the above, and add to:
6 cups whole wheat flour
6 cups white flour
4 T yeast
3 T salt
couple handfuls pepitas
1/3 cup flax seed
1/3 cup sesame seed
Mix in a really big bowl, turn out onto a floured board, knead until smooth in texture, about 10 or 15 minutes. The dough should be kind of springy and not sticking to the board when kneading is done. Oil the sides of the bowl, put the dough back in and roll it around in the bowl to oil the ball of dough on all sides. Cover with a tea towel, dust a little four on top of the dough so it doesn’t stick to the towel. Let rise for one hour, punch down the dough, form into 3 or 4 loaves according to the size of your breadpans. To prevent bubbles in your loaves, give ’em a good spank as you shape them. Oil the pans generously, and once again, dust the loaves with a little flour, and cover with a tea towel. Let rise for one hour, then bake in a pre-heated oven at 325 degrees F. Takes about 45 minutes. Loaves are done when crusty on top, and sound hollow when you tap them. The loaf will be slightly drawn away from the edge of the pan, and should come out easily. Place the loaves on a cooling rack when they come out of the pans to keep them crusty on the sides.
My friend Forest from S.T.A.N.D,(Sustainable Tropical Agriculture and Development), told me that when a woman kneads bread, her hormones go into the dough and make the bread better. Kinda sexy, huh? He said bread made by your woman is the best for you. Check out my friends Andrea and Forest at S.T.A.N.D.

Electric Relaxation

16 Super Hits

Electric Relaxation

Electric Relaxation

Greetings and salutations friends and family!  Future Vintage Vaults mentioned us in their latest blog post.  He mentioned “Chahya Garden in Belize” was his fav reader.  Well that’s good because we were worried that his blog was about to bite the biscuit!  FVV is the epitome of great music from the 90’s.  Edgy, ethnic, progressive, hard hitting Hip-Hop beats, backgrounds, drum and bass, chill out, laid back vocals, phat basslines… A wide variety of styles that define “uber hip”.

A few years ago there were lots of great blogs out there with great music in high bit rates (320 kbps or higher) but since mega upload was indicted they’ve all but vanished. So it’s with a certain satisfaction that we see this blog continue to give us more music we love, because as long as we have electricity we’re going to enjoy playing music on our stereo.

So this blog provides background music and dope beats with tight vocals from all over the sphere of electronic music.  There’s German rare groove, Brazilian bosa nova, U.K.  trip-hop, Japanese jazz,  ambient dub from Vienna, asian downtempo , french house, and more.

There are very few hippies or ravers in Belize at the moment.  So we like to listen to our music at home, in our palapa, while we do our yoga, cooking, baking, and general chill out.

Here’s a few of our faveorites so far.

The Remix According to Groove Armada

Towa Tei – Future Recall 3

VA – Multidirection 2

Mad Doctor X – Picnic with the Greys

Audiomontage – Snert

Reminiscence Quartet – Psycodelico

VA – Journey into Ambient Groove 3

Extended Spirit – Solid Water

VA – Electronic Colorations 1-3

A Forrest Might Black – Mellow Dramatic

Walkner Mostl – Heaven or Hell

Jazzanova – EP

VA – Pure Abstrakt

VA – Trip-Hop Sampler

VA – Deseo Remixes

VA – Ethnotechno – Sonic Antropology