4pm Saturday Kirtan Open to All


This Saturday afternoon event will be an ongoing and weekly Kirtan. A Kirtan is a musical and spiritual celebration meant to lift the spirit and refresh the heart. We will be offering both spontaneous music as well as mantra chanting. The mantra is ancient Sanskrit songs and chants which evoke our connection to the higher self, to the highest truth in each other, and to God. Mantra is a spiritual science passed down many thousands of years from teacher to teacher. It is a sonic and vibrational acupressure to help and heal the soul. As we chant the many names of God we bring out the highest truth in ourselves.
The most basic and fundamental mantra is OM. This is what is referred to as a seed sound, it is the sound of the energy of all that is. When we chant OM, we remember ourselves as part of that Unity, we tap into the source vibration and resonate with the All that is truly One.
All of existance resonates, vibrates, at different frequencies, creating solid matter, living matter, and the liquids, gasses, and electrical impulses that make up ourselves and our universe. Feel the resonance of your own body and consciousness in oneness with all that is through the experience of mantra. This is a science, not a religion, so no beliefs are attached or elicited, and Kirtan does not come into conflict with any religious beliefs.This experience is freely open to all, come to chant any time between 4and 5 pm and if you would like to stay for the potluck, please bring a vegetarian dish to share, (no eggs please!)

*NoTe:  Our Kirtan will also feature spiritually flavored EDM (Electronic Dance Music) from the 90’s to jam along with!  MMM!  Love those ethno-techno beats!

Love your body, love your mind, love your yoga!

Love is an essential element of Yoga.  With it, we can endure the greatest challenges.  Seeking for it, we learn patience with ourselves.  With love, we make progress through our struggle and remember Ahymsa, to treat ourselves gently.   When God notices our love, he rewards us double.  We increase our ability to love, and we increase our ability.

Yoga is about the love of God.  Yoga is the happy marriage between body and mind.  With yoga you take your own struggle upon yourself, and thus you learn about loving yourself.  Yoga will teach you to be more loving to others, more in service of others, more accepting of your own faults and those of others.

Here at the Chaya Garden Ashram, we are happy to explore the teachings of yoga with you at any time during your visit.  We have some great books for you to read, as you relax in a hammock and listen to the soothing sounds of the waterfall.  Yoga is my faveorite subject to discuss, and to hear Laine talk about yoga is to hear the words from the primordial master (the inner voice of wisdom) hirself.




Moombahton Mix!

Moombahton Mix from Chaya Garden Ashram

Hey ya’ll.  Here is the mix of the music I like best right now, Moombahton.   The music that clocks in at 108bpm and was conceived by Dave Nada.   Nada is a sanskrit word meaning “the inner sound that vibrates without impact”.  Something about this music is more than just moving butts on the dancefloor.  Not a lot more, mostly it’s about just that, but the range of tracks getting remixed and the whole tropical vibe is really good stuff!  As EDM blows up around the world, taking trippy beats to the mainstream, the old school ravers are going to have to find remixes of their old faveorites to enjoy, along with some of the new stuff.

Well that’s what we have here.  Enjoy!

IMG_3991 (1136 x 852)


IMG_3991 (1136 x 852)

Reflexology; or “Reflect”ology as I like to say; because the foot is a reflection of the nerves in the entire body, is a healing modality that anyone can pick up as quickly as they can pick up their own foot and start rubbing.

For someone who is interested in healing themselves and others I recommend giving this a try.  For head aches and neck pain it is preferable to pain relievers that are drugs, which cause blockage to the lymphatic system.  Reflexology will work to clear out these blockages, making it so the energy in your body can flow freely and heal the sensitive areas.

Drugs cause blockages to the lymphatic system by blocking certain nerve receptors and causing the body to release other certain chemicals to the brain.  But these blockages have to work their way out of the body.   Pain causes blockages to the lymphatic systems, in the same way.  These blockages and pain messages form uric acid crystals that can cause illness throughout the body if not removed.

These crystals end up in the feet, hands, hairline, elbows, knees, where there are a lot of nerves and not a lot of elimination.  Once there is a critical amount, the harmony of the organs are in disarray.

If you have been suffering from acute lung problems, for example, then there will be an accumulation of uric acid below the ball of the foot.  If the problem is chronic, the ball of the foot will be full of these crystals and require extensive work.

Because many of us are not sensitive to our bodies, it may be difficult to detect how the reflexology is working, or even to feel the pressure that is being applied.   Reflexology works by moving the nerves and organs in to more subtle vibrations of energy and awareness.

Reflexology can be painful if there is an area which is sore and bothered.  Generally this pain will move away after a few moments and the treatment is very relaxing.  There are very few pains in the body which cannot be addressed  soothed by a treatment of reflexology.

Eunice Ingham, the Godmother of reflexology in the West, believed that the Earth was our primary life force.  She means that our energy comes directly from the Earth, through our feet.  When there is a block in that lifeline, we experience illness.

I have experienced the healing of reflexology and the integration of energy, and I invite you to do the same at Chaya Garden Ashram.


A simple study of reflexology will reveal that there are few rules as to how to execute a proper foot rub.  Work towards the heart, especially when working with the elderly.    Don’t wear yourself out massaging someone’s foot, when they can’t feel what you are doing; because they don’t have the subtle awareness of their body.  Use of appropriate pressure is required.

Journey of Awakening

I, Evan started to study consciousness just as the millennium was kicking off.  I was finding the 60’s really novel and appreciating the architecture, art, furniture and literature of the time.  I was a collector of books that appealed to the 60’s sensibilities and that’s how Ram Dass’ Meditator’s Guidebook came into my collection.

Actually I traded a zen poem for it.  I was devoted to my spiritual development although I hadn’t met a Guru yet.  Only after reading “Mantra and the Power of Initiation” have I realized that Ram Dass was my Guru.  After all he is the first person I learned about Yoga from. It’s interesting to note that that qualifies him as my Guru.

I’d have to say that it was a moment of miracle synchronicity.  I was just following my gut when I went out of town and for clearing my head and finding meaningful passages of the Tao.  So what I did, in the vocabulary of the times, was step out of the synthetic synchronicity of the Matrix, and I found a Guru.

The high didn’t last too long, and coming down from a spiritual high and dealing with it was always going to be hard.  Thank goodness I had my little guidebook written and compiled by Ram Dass.

I started to read from the guidebook and meditate on this little part of it or the other and that was my spiritual work.  I followed Ram Dass’ easy instructions, creating space in my life for meditation and focusing on the internal stuff, but also finding the beauty, humour, joy, and ultimate reality of the external stuff.

Thinking back on how that book came into and out of my life, (passed it on to my best mate,)  because of all the ups and downs I experienced with it, I realized that Ram Dass had the Guru’s touch that opened me up for all kinds of highs and lows.  I might even be opening you up for the rocky road of the spiritual path!

I don’t mean to mislead you, but the meditator’s path is 3 inches off the ground and to the left.   And it is about returning to God, and the funny thing is try telling someone where it is.  The vaguer the directions the more believable the path.

Like one time I was meditating in my special meditator’s spot, which Ram Das had recommended.  My special technique was to meditate in the closet with a candle(it was more magical then it sounds here).  I just read something in the guidebook while I was on a fantastic high (Read – Godhead!) and something about it took me down, all the way down, back to reality.

And I was like, “WOW, MAN!” and it was late at night/early in the morning so I figure I can run to my friend John’s house and tell him.  There is just some guy outside crazy with a knife talking about how he’s going to kill me!   So I ran away, and then I can’t take that and I go antagonize him, back and forth, and the whole thing was terrible and silly. I found the passage a few times again, but it was lost and forgot!  The experience had been too dramatic.

Reading is such a lucky thing that people can do.  I was finding great meanings and timeless experiences.  As I grew spiritually, I wondered why Ram Dass would include messages from all the different religeons?  On one hand, it was a little overwhelming with messages, on the other hand, it didn’t have any.  The book was really good at pointing the way but poor at telling you what to look for.

I recommend Ram Dass for the inspiration he gave me to devote myself to my spiritual path; as a Guru, who gave me the most possible wiggle room for finding the practices and meanings that were going to work for me.  It worked so well I have to share something with you.

Meditation strengthens the mind for yoga, and yoga strengthens the body for meditation, and vice versa.

Because of Ram Dass book I took my meditation work seriously and enjoyed it.  I could have enjoyed it better if I was taught  to have the discipline of a Yoga practice to support the meditation.  That resulted in lots of ups and down.  Ram Dass book introduced me to Asanas and meditation, but I didn’t understand that these two practices were indispensable to each other.

So if you aren’t a meditator, it is time to awaken to the jewel of consciousness within you that shines eternal light in it’s many facets.   And if you are a meditator, I must tell you from experience you’ll be happy once you have a dedicated, disciplined yoga practice.

Either way, it is important to have the clear, calm mind of meditation, and the resonant, powerful, flexible body of yoga.

Combing these is the essence of Kundalini yoga.

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