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Healing Wonders

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Belize is a natural choice for a vacation for sick Westerners;  where else can you get off the beaten track, enjoy pristine nature and still speak your native language?

Belize hasn’t begun  to regulate it’s natural healers here, so you can find herbs, shamans, and healers of all descriptions ready to teach you the healing secrets of their arts.

You might wonder if you should get vaccinated before coming to Belize; our answer is an emphatic NO!  Vaccines are full of the worst garbage they can put in you, and the cure to whatever ails you can be found less then a square mile from where ever you are in Belize; I’m not kidding you!

The fresh air might heal you as soon as you step off the plane.  It started working on me immediately.

Salt water is nice.  Great for healing sores.  But for a deep spiritual cleanse you’ll have to try and find a fresh water sinote, or a fresh stream to swim in.  Or a waterfall.  Every day that we swim in the falls of Cristo Rey we are gladdened to our essence.  Fresh water can be so relieving.

The fresh fruits of the market are unlike anything you have ever tried in the supermarkets of the West.  They are so fresh!  Cayo is the local produce capital of Belize.  Right now, until April/May, many fruits are in season, the likes of which you haven’t tried before.  Custard apples- these are like strawberry yogurt.  Star apples; we call these Jello balls.  Mangos; so many different varieties and flavours!  And try the local Bananas!

The Sun is so soothing these days.  If you are on the coast, by all means, cover up!  But if you can find a nice secluded place; like we have at the Chaya Garden Ashram; then it’s time for a Sun Bath!   Our bodies soak in the energy from the Sun, much the same as plants do.

And the people of Belize are going to win your heart.  They love their music, and it’s always flowing in the breeze.   And speaking of the Breeze, there’s nothing like that 5:15 breeze that comes to cool us off after a hot day.

Actually, that is my recipe for good health; and here it is in short form: Fresh air, fresh water, fresh fruits and veggies, Sun, and music in the breeze.


New Info on Vastu

Phil Valentine writes;

“Life is the geometric containment of Time, Space, Light, Sound and Elemental energies. To escape the present confines of cellular density, we must acquire the knowledge and then perfect the science of how Absolute space, or Pure Consciousness, condeses to become material forms… Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati is the resurrector of the ancient Indus Kush high science called “Vastu and Vaastu”, the 10,000 year old science founded by the ‘Dravidian Imhotep’ named Mahamuni Mahayan, or Mamuni Mayan. It was called “Vaastu Shastra”, and today the “Mayonic Sciences”… Grand-master Ganapati says “…This science deals with eternal process of subtle energy manifesting into material space or material form…” Through precise mathematical formulas, Mahamuni Mahayan was able to recreate the process of Pure Consciousness (Absolute Space) synthesizing into material Consciousness, and Incorporated that process into architectural structures such as buildings, temples, and statues, as well as into ritual dance, music and other forms of human consciousness expression. It is within the framework of this ancient science that we will decipher and eventually RE-code and re-design the cellular architectures of an entirely new and un-repeated dimensial consciousness paradigm for hue-manity… Mahamuni Mahayan painted a comprehensive but succinct picture of Brahma as the Ultimate and Absolute, which he called Kaala Brahman. This particular Identification of “Time as Brahma” earned Mahamuni the title Kaalajnani, or “…one who recognized Time as the casual element of the Universe and Universal objects – visual and aural forms”… Mahayan equated the principles of Time and Space and evolved a system of Spiritual arts that coalesced into the poetry, music, dance, architecture and sculpture of culture – all governed by the principle of energy vibrating into Space and Spatial – based forms. Among his greatest achievements, Mahayan identified the structure of infinite and finite energy particles, Mahayan defined the vibration of Inner Space and Outer Space as quantifiable, and was able to identify the structure of energy particles and an order in the development of forms in matter. He described Absolute Time and used mathematics to define frequency and vibration. The God Shiva for example, represents the vibration of pure energy and depicts the principle of frequency in the Absolute Space/Time Continuum. Mahayan took these fundamental principles and applied them to all manifestions of consciousness. Thus, the force of Kaalam (Absoulte Time; Pulse; Frequency) was seen to influence the entire Cosmos. Mahayan articulated these and other principles in a number of texts including the one million verses of the Pranava Veda. To overstand the true metaphysical meaning “Space-Time”, we must learn to override our perception of Time as merely organized and regimented “ticks” of a clock… Time, as defined and described by the ancient masters, is a ‘pulse of movement’ in the beingness of Absolute Space. The 8 Gunas/Elements grow one from the another as a result of Time. As a result of that movement or pulse against the fabric or membrane of Space, “OM Light” arises. As Time and OM light commingle and flow together within Space, “OM Sound” arises. Space, Tie, OM Light and OM Sound comingle, “flow together” and condense to form the element Air; these all flow together, co-mingle and condense to form fire… and so on. The entire process of “becoming” is based on the “step-down” of frequency-pulses that eventually become the domain for sentient life in various dimensional densities. The entire perceptible Universe is composed of vibrations that emanate as wave-forms, Waves, or pure temporal patterns, can only be understood through number. All life physically vibrates, and the notion that every vibrating body emits sound is the key to overstanding the essence of our Universe. Qualities of Matter are actually differences in pulse-periodicity. In biology, gemetrical proportion illustrates that every atom of every molecule is being changed and replaced, or upgraded. Genetic coding is a vehicle of replication and continuity. The DNA helix is a set of fixed geometerical proportions.”


These are notes from  Phillip Valentine’s Neo-Hegalian Dialectic on 2012 . I was interested that this clip closes with notes on Vastu.  I have just started my study of Vastu and I welcome you to learn more about this advanced Yoga topic.  Like Phil says elsewhere in this video “we aren’t here to party, we’re here to learn.”

Learning more about Vastu has helped me to draw my attention to the eight Gunas while I practice my Yoga.  Time, Space, Om Sound, Om Light, Fire, Air, Earth, Water; all these are present in our Yoga class in one form or another, and instead of allowing my mind to race from on nebulous search to another, these Gunas become “flavours” that I easily recognize and I allow the “process” that are “identified” with them to carry on “unconsciously”.

What I have learned so far is that we are the “architects” of our own “transcendence”.   Therefore we need a good blueprint, we need the right tools for the job, we must carry out the process methodically and correctly, we must do the work that is required.

I also learned from Vastu that any object, properly designed can indeed have Prana, or Life-Force energy.

It’s not really a secret what is the purpose of Yoga.  But beyond the sages, holy persons, saints, gurus, that are living examples of Yoga, The sutras, vedas, and asanas what are Yoga, and the ayurveda, mudra, mantras what are Yoga, Vastu is a science that includes music, poetry, sculpture, and architecture.

We welcome any information you have to share on this topic, and you can find more at http://www.vastu-design.com

Phillip Valentine is a controversial and outrageous orator and his views and opinions are not those of the Chaya Garden Ashram.  However he is an excellent scholar, and an invaluable researcher, concerning the Bible, Hygenic Philosophy, Health, Metaphysics and History.

These are Phil Valentine’s notes on Vastu and Mahayan reprinted with permission.

Harmonic Inclusivity

Dan Winter – Restoring Centripetal Forces

Dan Winter is well known for his electro magnetic field research into fractals, bliss, and DNA.  His background as an electric engineer gives him a very practical and scientific approach to health and healing.   At the Chaya Garden Ashram we love to see him put all the principles into play that we learn, love, and live by.

In this recent lecture available on his youtube channel, Dan condenses his research on spiritual energy.  If people can agree on the terminology to use when describing Chi, Soul, Ka, Prana, etc., then there is no need for religion wars.

Dan talks about this energy and how it can be measured, increased, and consciously controlled.  When this is understood, then we can understand how healing works in the body,  and we can even reinterpret the ancient sacred texts as to how healing works in the body.

At the Chaya Garden Ashram, we really click with Dan, because we have always been attracted to fractals, mandalas, bliss and energy fields!  We can feel the charge of sacred spaces, we can feel the drain that takes place in electro-smog buildings full of mercury, radiation, metal, aluminum and concrete, and we’re aware of how a fractal space, located where ley lines cross, can cause seeds to germinate, lucid dreaming, astral traveling, cells to regenerate and bliss to occur!

This video entitled Restoring Centripetal Forces talks about all those things (which we love!) and gives us some new infoformation on harmonic inclusivity.  Dan says that this is how all waves can exist with out destroying each other.

Dan says that a living forest is fractal, and when the harmonic inclusivity is damaged, then the forest begins to die.   So, when one species is removed from a forest, the forest will find another species to replace that species, or it will start to die.

This makes a lot of sense to us!  You can think about a forest like a harmonic envelope.  This really expresses to me how we must preserve all parts of our ecosystem.  And how whatever we do in nature is going to have an effect on every other part.

Remember to literally bless up in the presence of Mother Nature, honor the sacredness of everything organic, carry a postive vibe, and keep the harmony alive and going.

We downloaded this video using free youtube downloader available here.

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Walking with the teacher

In this day and age when there are so many yoga teachers out there, and yoga is considered to be the fastest growing sport in America, it is as difficult as ever to find a virtuous, compassionate, dedicated teacher who is willing to walk the spiritual path with oneself.

I just decided I would be my own best yoga teacher when I met  Laine Hoogstraten. Since then she has guided, aided, and enhanced my spiritual practices and philosophy.

Before I joined her Vinyassa practice I had never been challenged by the Yoga offered in community clubs and gyms. She showed me that Yoga could be challenging and fun and since then the only times I neglected to practice was when I was too sick.

I have had a difficult journey on the road to wellness, I had to surrender to the healing crisis and accept my limitations, overcome them, with my own internal resources. The only thing that can improve this a love supreme.  Laine’s love and support has filled me with enduring positivity.

Today Laine and I offer yoga and healing at the Chaya Garden Ashram in Belize. We are sure that where ever you are on the spiritual path, you will gain from our knowledge and experience, and the enriching natural environment we have created or enhanced in Belize.

It is easy to forget how much I have learned from Laine, because she is right there walking the path with me all the time, and I couldn’t imagine doing it without her.  I would never want to take it for granted, and I wholeheartedly recommend you seek her out for her wisdom and rich practice.