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Healing Wonders

Belize is a natural choice for a vacation for sick Westerners;  where else can you get off the beaten track, enjoy pristine nature and still speak your native language? Belize hasn’t begun  to regulate it’s natural healers here, so you … Continue reading

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New Info on Vastu

Phil Valentine writes; “Life is the geometric containment of Time, Space, Light, Sound and Elemental energies. To escape the present confines of cellular density, we must acquire the knowledge and then perfect the science of how Absolute space, or Pure … Continue reading

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Harmonic Inclusivity

Dan Winter – Restoring Centripetal Forces Dan Winter is well known for his electro magnetic field research into fractals, bliss, and DNA.  His background as an electric engineer gives him a very practical and scientific approach to health and healing.   … Continue reading

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Walking with the teacher

In this day and age when there are so many yoga teachers out there, and yoga is considered to be the fastest growing sport in America, it is as difficult as ever to find a virtuous, compassionate, dedicated teacher who … Continue reading

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