Relax and Renew, Yoga, Massage, and Vegetarian Menu in Belize

“If you want to relax and unwind, delicious vegetarian meals cooked from scratch, challenging yoga taught by one of the strongest instructors I’ve ever encountered, this IS the place for you.”

Chaya Garden Ashram is a beautiful place, an absolute gem to discover.   It is the place we would love to spend the rest of our lives.  Nestled in the jungle AND close to town, anyone visiting San Ignacio, Belize who is interested in Yoga, natural healing, swimming, birds, and R&R should come for a visit.
There is nothing so refreshing as a swim in a fresh water spring when you are dripping sweat, just from spending the morning in town! One dip might be enough to keep you refreshed all day long!  But the waterfalls are right there, so we spend the whole day going into and out of the water.
After your swim, treat yourself and receive a massage from the healing hands of Laine Hoogstraten. Just this morning I was feeling like I was falling apart from the vigorous kundalini yoga class we partook at 8am. In only half an hour of massage, and a little rest afterward, I was ready to take on the world again!  Laine speaks the language of energy with your body, listening and learning about subtle energies.  It is how she earned herself the name “Laine Hand-singer”.

I know the impetuous is to go out there in Belize and see every mayan ruin you can and see as much of this amazing and vibrant country, but let me give you a word of advice; “GO SLOW!”  However you can make a day of seeing 3 different ruins in Cayo District!
We can also prepare you a vegetarian meal, with local vegetables, salads, smoothies, soups, you name it. We are well acquainted with the variety of available fruits and veggies, and know what to do with them. All to be had for a reasonable cost.
Take a little time where the healing is strong, and there are many healing places in Belize. We have found one of the best ways to incorporate natural healing into your itinerary and it’s called Chaya Garden Ashram.

Ideal Tunes

At the Chaya Garden Ashram we love the music that is in the air, as the birds begin their chorus in the morning. The waterfall gurgles in a primitive tongue, all through the night and day. Crickets, leaf hoppers, and cicadas stir and become excited during the odd hours. The churches in the surrounding village each strike up a different band and animate the countryside late in the evenings on the weekends. The BOOM BOOM and DUH DA DUH sometimes carry us off to dreamland from a distant bar. As we begin our yoga practice we start with a few OMs or ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO, and end with the long time sunshine song. When someone picks up the guitar, all the other instruments come out.

These days a lot of travelers travel with digital storage devices and we can exchange music. We have received some great music from our friends over the years, and we have especially enjoyed world music and ethno-chillout, as well as Kundalini music that contains specific mantras we use. Personally, I was most excited when I was introduced to moombahton a year ago. We try to be careful with the music that we play at the ashram, and we hope that you will enjoy the same music that we do. We want to give you the experience of the “Rising Eastern Sun” philosophy, of music that is awakening, fearless, and inspiring to a higher power.

I was just surfing a few of my favorite blogs and found two mixes of interest. The first is a compilation of remixes done by the Irresistible Force, Mixmaster Morris.
Mixmaster Morris was on the first Electronic Dance Music world tour with The Shaman, helped to institute the “Chill-out room”, held the first ever chill-out party during a time when dancing to house music was illegal in the U.K., and he has flooded the internet with mixes of great music in all it’s forms the way it should be. He is a mainstay of music at the ashram.

Peter Kruder is another one of our favorite DJs along with his partner Richard Dorfmeister. Whenever I meet an Austrian I ask if they are familiar with this duo and surely they are. They should be known around the world for the great music they produced on G-Stone. But, classic mixes by this duo are hard to come by, it’s a lot easier to find their commercial releases. Here is a recent mix of Peter Kruder mixing Pink Floyd, a popular classic rock band. I know that some of our students love Pink Floyd, but personally I would prefer to listen to a mix by one of my favorite DJs than to penetrate the expansive catalog of these acid rockers.

Thank you to Future Vintage and Hadtocallitsomething on blogspot for their dedication to pleasant and high quality music from the 90’s and beyond.

Directions to the Ashram

We can be reached anytime at 652 9642 on our new reliable home phone or 666 7361 on our cell so call if these directions are unclear. We also don’t mind if you are showing up to see the ashram, do some yoga or get a massage.

So here are directions to the ashram.

if you are coming from cayo without a vehicle then the taxi waits by the buses, and it is a blue mini van with green plates, it says “YASMIN” on the windshield or there are “Yellow flowers’ on the side mirrors. It waits by the resturaunt. It leaves San Igancio on the hour, usually. the cab driver name is Orto and his number is 605 4819.

The San Antonio bus will also bring you by the ashram. Get it where you catch a bus in San Ignacio. Tell the driver to let you out “by the falls”. You will have to walk down a dirt road, to the end, where you will find Chaya Garden Ashram and the best waterfalls in Belize.

Here are more specific directions. In Santa Elena, on the Western Highway, by the Ministry of Transportation is the Cristo Rey road, noticeable because of all the signs for resorts. This is on the “hillside” of Santa Elena, opposite from the Mopan river side. This road will carry you through several hills that are covered in jungle, quaint country homes, large hilltop mansions, and bush! Once you have penetrated the hills, winding this way and that, driving on solid rock face, you are close to cristo rey. You will notice a green house on the left, and then cross a yellow bridge. The creek from the waterfalls runs under the bridge. Travel up the road until you are on top of it, and look for a road on the left.

Take this road, travel past the “sleeping policeman”, and look on the left for the Chaya Garden Ashram! Be careful not to travel right down to the falls, because someone is ALWAYS getting stuck down there!

And we’ll see you there!


Yantra Meditation


There are 8 siddhis represented by the 8 petals of the inner circle. They are Anima (smallness), Laghima (bigness), Garima (heaviness), Mahima (creativity), Easatva (godliness), Vasatva (subjugation), Praakamya (fulfilling the objective) and Iccha (willfulness).

Greetings beloved family! We are here to assist you in meditation, case and point this beautiful yantra. A “yantra” is a house of consciousness where all the different parts of the yantra illuminate a spiritual truth that can be absorbed through meditation. An 8 petal yantra has a special meaning for me because of my association with SNUG which has an cog with 8 spokes for it’s logo, a symbol I associate with a galaxy.

I also learned humility in spiritual seeking from the Buddah’s 8 fold path.

“The first step on the Eightfold Path is to have right understanding, or right views. The second is right aspiration, right thought, or right resolve. Third is right speech. Fourth is right action, or right conduct. Fifth is right livelihood. Sixth is right effort. Seventh is right mindfulness, and eighth is right concentration, or right absorption.”

So you can see there is a lot of knowledge to be drawn out through meditation. Rather than splitting your focus into 8 different paths, hold the yantra in your mind and expand into knowing the projection of consciousness within!


Thanks to Phil Valentine’s notes on Vastu I meditate on the 8 Gunas during yoga and it is the most powerful thought structure I have encountered for concentration in Yoga.  The 8 Gunas are the forces present in creation; they are Time, Space, Om Sound, Om Light, Fire, Air, Water, and Earth.