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Our Ashram and You

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Hi there. We are thinking of you, and we are here to provide you with knowledge that will nurture your spiritual growth and healing.

The best way to get this knowledge is for you to experience it for yourself, and that’s why we have opened an ashram.

An ashram is a place where positive, healing, life flowing energy is transformed through ritual and meditation.

We tap into this life force energy to master our feelings of time, eternity, strength, weakness, tranquility, struggle, God, the ego, and all duality.

And where do we get the power to do all this? From Yoga. It is this connection that inspires us to seek to a secluded sanctuary to reflect and release the emotions of the day.

(At the end of the day) The best kind of knowledge is self-knowledge, and it’s an ever flowing spring. What’s needed are techniques that will allow the divine wisdom and creative expression to flow unobstructed.

When I am wondering about the essence of Yoga, I am wondering about three principles mainly, Yantra, Mantra, and Tantra.

Your physical health is *so* important to your spiritual practice. That’s why much of Yoga focuses on physical exercises. Your body is your “Yantra” or house for consciousness.

The “Mantra” or divine energy is compelled to move through spiritual exercises or techniques, such as chanting.

The “Tantra” is the spiritual path, and it is infinite knowledge and wisdom of the divine.

This way I am able to visualize the Mantra moving the Yantra on the Tantra.

I feel like we are well on the spiritual path now. We may be Vanaprastha, or forrest dwellers.

That is the third stage of yogic life when you retire from the world. Well the good news is we are not retired.

You can come to the yoga center in Belize called Chaya Garden Ashram. It doesn’t matter how much yoga you have done, if you come here the healing and growing will be the same.

Of course, we are still healing and growing and meeting new teachers, picking up new knowledge, techniques and information that we feel is important to share.

One piece that I want to share is about Vastu design. The philosophy of Vastu states that any creation (architecture, music, poetry, art) can have life force that is harmonic with the universe.

“He said that a building was a living organism, like the human nervous system, and could be designed in “harmonic resonance” with the basic underlying energy structure of the universe.”Click Me

And so we have been thinking about more about the type of structure we live in and teach yoga in. It is a living, breathing, BEAUTIFUL organism.

Every yoga class energizes and revitalizes our ashram so we invite you to come and practice often! Once you have tuned in to our natural surroundings, you will find how effective the setting is for you to relax and renew.

We hope that everyone will consider the flow of natural energy for themselves and their environment.


If you’ve previously wandered through our amazingly composed site, you may have noticed that it was in need of a few more visual items. Well that day has come. We have delightful photos up all over the site now. The best of all is on this page Click me. The photo was expertly taken by our very own Laine (who is not the author of this post).

Some Music

Welcome to the fancy new world of Music, from the Chaya Garden Ashram. To listen in your browser, left click the link, to download right click and “save link as”. This is a track recorded by our very own Laine. If there is interest, we can post the whole album. Enjoy. 🙂

Lay Down Your Mountain by Hoogstraten and Mills

Hey brothers and sisters,

I am so happy to welcome you to the Chaya Garden Ashram website. This is our handshake to the world, and we are looking forward to meeting you in person at the ashram. It is a wonderful thing to reach out from our quiet jungle haven to you, wherever you are. We invite you, we welcome you, to our yoga practice, our table, our wellspring of pure joy, sharing our dedication to yoga and bliss with all takers, young and old, beginners and experienced yogis, be welcomed into the circle of yoga, the union of the self.