Hello all! A warm welcome from The Belize Ashram! We are always so proud of everyone who comes to the ashram and shows a large degree of growth. It’s not everyday that someone new is willing to dedicate their time and energy to a spiritual practice, but here at the ashram we have done ground breaking work with many people.

The fact is most people are not using their vacations to jump start improvements in their daily and spiritual lives. We have had several cancellations recently, but we are undaunted. We keep getting good reviews from visitors, you can read some at our facebook and our new tripadvisor page! We have met some top notch people who have turned into OUR TEACHERS! Many people we continue to see operating in a new paradigm through our ongoing relationships.

Someone reading this might be SCARED to try something new, AFRAID of the changes that could be initiated in their lives. The change is often so dramatic, it happens before our eyes! This is the result of a dedicated spiritual practice! And just of glimpse of this can change your life!

Yoga is a WAY OF LIFE and at our spiritual retreat center you WILL experience fresh new energy moving you to your highest purpose. I think it’s important at this juncture to point out that you get MORE from yoga at our ashram than you would at a small studio, where people are practicing yoga as a fitness exercize, or where the TEACHER IS AFRAID of opening the gates of this spiritual experience.

There have been big changes at the ashram, and we’re changing our image to reflect this. Chaya Garden Ashram is the HOME of Yoga and Healing Arts in Belize. It’s worth the TRIP OUT!

Prayer of Abundance for the Ashram

Prayer of Abundance for the Ashram

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